Sunday School

9:45 every Sunday Morning

Children's Classes

Nursery (room 101)  

Pre-K (room 112) 

1st and 2nd grade (room 107)

3rd to 5th grade boys (room 205)

3rd to 5th grade girls (room 203)

Youth Classes

Middle School Boys (room 204)

Middle School Girls (room 207)

High School Boys (room 201)

High School Girls (room 211)

Adult Classes

The Misfits (room 206)

The Bridge (room 208)

Pairs and Spares (room 210)

Married Couples (room 200) 

Ladies Bible Class (room 109)

Men's Bible Class (room 110)

Love/Joy Class (room 106)

Recovery Class (room 202)

Golden Circle Class (room 108)

Second Baptist 101 - for new members or people who are considering joining SBC.  This class meets once or twice per year, depending on the number of people who are joining the church.  We discuss things such as our beliefs, our church's ministries, and generally answers questions that the new members might have about the church.  Call the office or watch the website to see when we will offer the class again.